Monday, December 13, 2010

Mamas and Papas Lightweight Strollers have arrived!

Hmmm...This giveaway contest comes at a perfect time for me.  It is time for a new stroller.  I have been conflicted about this because Lilly is now 2 1/2 and I am not sure how much longer I will need a stroller for her.  Regardless of how long I will use it for, with Lilly, I do need a new one.  Our big carriage has lived its life after 2.5 years of almost daily use.  Plus, we still have a mid-sized sedan and it takes up our entire trunk.  Annoying!!!

The umbrella stroller we have received great reviews and my friends who have it love it.  It folds in half and takes up much less room in the trunk than the big carriage.  The problem is that both my husband and I are too tall for it.  We kick it with our feet and strain our backs and arms pushing our 38 lb toddler around in it.

Now that my husband is a SAHD and we are approaching the cold wintery months, he would like to be able to take Lilly out places.  Lilly is a darter/runner and when we are at places like the mall, she needs to be in her stroller.  Hence the reasons for a new lightweight stroller.  It really is a safety issue with Lilly.

Just in the nick of time comes the Mom Bloggers Club giveaway this Thursday for one of five Mamas and Papas lightweight strollers.  They are from the UK and are a new to the U.S. baby gear brand that has five very cool lightweight strollers.  We all know that traditionally UK strollers are amazing.  I remember my mom had one when my brothers were little.  How I would love that big old pram now!  Mamas and Papas sell more than strollers.  They also carry very cool highchairs, baby carriers and toys.  They also have full-sized carriages in addition to the several lightweight stroller models.

Here are some of the models:

Mamas and Papas brand can be found at Babies R Us online.  Oh, and check them out on facebook or on twitter!

I am crossing my fingers that I am 1 of 5 winners this Thursday!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Procrastination is my word of the season

I had such great intentions this year. House decorated Thanksgiving weekend and gift shopping finished by December 1st. Those were my lofty goals. I know people who do this so I figured that I could be one of those people.

Apparently that is not the case. I have taken down my pumpkin decorations but they are not stored yet. And that is all folks! It is driving me nuts! Every time slot I have scheduled to get ready gets taken by other menial daily tasks.

I need serious help here!
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Facebook friend no longer IRL friend?

What to do, what to do?  I have a friend, whom I have known for over 10 years, who is a fb friend.  Throughout our friendship she has been a bit, well, flighty.  By that she means she would sometimes forget we had a date planned or she would reschedule at the last minute.  Whenever our lives were in the same place (single or SAHM) we would seem to get together more often and just connect more, in general.  Then when life circumstances changed for one or the other of us we would lose touch.  I would try to get together, make several phone calls to catch up but it seemed as if she was busy with other friends.  In fact, as soon as I started working last year I tried to make a play date arrangement but she was never available.

The thing is, that just when I would think, "That's it, I am just going to forget about her and move on and stop trying," she calls me or invites me to something, etc.  However, I think this time really is it.  I almost feel like I did something to offend her or something but I see her too seldom to do that.

Here is the thing.  Or things.  We have mutual friends.  It is very complicated to explain but, while we used to all see each other at the same time, we don't really anymore.  But still, the relationship is there.  Also, I really liked this person.  Even when she was being flaky.  I liked her personality, her sense of humor, her husband, her realness.  We like a lot of the same things.  I guess I just can't let go.  At this point, we only keep in touch via facebook.  We comment on each other's status updates and pictures sometimes.  I think I am just wondering now if that is enough.  I get kind of sad when I see that she is doing stuff with other people or when I see how fast her kids are growing up.

What do you do when your friendships end, but there is still a little thread hanging on?