Wednesday, December 7, 2011

48 hour video EEG testing

We are in the pediatric neurology center!  I am so grateful to our doctor who advocated to the insurance company for Lilly.  We saw him this morning and he is very glad that Lilly is here so we can get some answers.  Lilly has been amazing so far, especially through the node application, which takes the better part of an hour.  See, she was even smiley right after!   

One of the hardest parts is that we found out about 7pm that Lilly has to stay up until after midnight.  They want her to have half the sleep she normally has.  The poor kid has been asking me to go to sleep.  Several times she has also said that she was ready to go home.  But overall she is in great spirits.  She has taken the cue from Vinnie and I about how much fin this adventure will be.  We are having treats and watching movies, coloring and playing with play-doh.  And this too will pass.  At least she was able to take a nap this afternoon!

Thank you for all the positive thoughts and prayers sent our way!!
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