Thursday, December 8, 2011

More than half way there

Phew...last night and this morning were challenging.  Lilly stayed up until 1am.  Midnight was the goal but we were in the middle of Beauty and the Beast, no matter that we have seen in hundreds of times before, we had to finish it.  The wake up call came at 6am.  yikes.  Several leads came loose in the night so we had to go back to the room to get them reattached.  She was not as angelic as Wednesday but still pretty darn good.
You can see how some leads and the "hat" came off.
I had to cut her a lot of slack today, but honestly, I was amazed at how well behaved she was.  I was going to have a grandma or two come for a visit, but she had such a difficult time when Vinnie had to leave that I decided against it.  Even after dinner she said to me, "I keep calling for my Daddy but he's not coming.  I miss him so much."
Still smiling at dinner time!  

After some testing that involved flashing lights and blowing a pinwheel, she was able to nap.  We both napped.  For 3 hours.  It was glorious!  The playroom was open today so we went in there a lot.  We met the family across the hall and wished we had met them last night!  Their little girl is 10 years old and was so sweet playing with Lilly.  They have been through this a few times, though not since she was 3 years old.  Before they went to bed they actually colored together in the hallway and had sticker fun!  Plus the mom has been there done that and was gracious about sharing her experiences with me.  She uses the same doctor and had wonderful things to say about him.
Lilly loved putting her Piglet in the baby equipment.  :)

I think the long nap may have backfired a bit in that she stayed up way past her bedtime again.  Hopefully we can sleep later then 6am.  Tomorrow she gets to have all the leads and her special hat removed and then she has a sedated MRI scheduled for 11am.  I think by then we will both be anxious to get back to our home and routines.

Thank you for all your comments, texts and emails.  It has really boosted my spirits while I am here!
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