Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lilly update

We got a call last night about 10 pm from the ER doctor. He said that the initial urine test showed no infection but that the culture showed a definite infection. He called a Rx into our local 24 hour CVS and had us start the antibiotics immediately. We are so glad that we at least now have a reason for the fever.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

coupons & more

I had gotten off the coupon track for a while but have been gradually getting back into it. It is so easy to get behind because some of the coupons expire so quickly. We kept forgetting to buy the Sunday paper so we were not even collecting new ones, let alone weeding out the old ones. Anyway, I finally reorganized my coupon envelope thingy last night. And wouldn't you know I opened my email inbox to find a P&G reminder for this coming Sunday. P&G (Proctor & Gamble) has great coupons, but they do expire sooner than most. So this Sunday, August 30th get your paper for the P&G insert. Also, head on over to P& for free samples & online coupons. I just signed up to get a bunch of free samples in the mail. I think that is a great way to try a new product without making the money commitment. A warning about online coupons that you print at home: Not all stores accept them, so you may want to check with your usual grocery store 1st. ETA: P&G online coupons work differently form most. You add your store savings card# and it loads the coupons onto it. Unfortunately there are no participating retailers in my area. I hope there are in yours because it seems pretty cool!

I just signed up for red plum coupons, too. Check them out!

Happy couponing!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Big Day

There were 2 big things that happened today. I will start with the good news. I received a phone call today from New Brunswick letting me know that they were recommending me for a position. It was not the position for which I had interviewed, but still a great one. It may even be a better fit for me. I would be a member of the PIRT = preschool intervention & referral team. The members of the team help support the teachers in a variety of ways. The team is made up of 2 social workers, a LDTC and 2 part-time speech therapists. The position is for someone who will be out on leave for the entire school year. I am not worried about that right now. I know a lot of people who got their starts in districts that way. The catch is that HR has to offer the position. So it is not officially mine until I get that call from HR, which could be a few days from now. I had a really great conversation with the director of early childhood and she was excited for me to bring my perspective of INCLUSION to the PIRT. Cross your collective fingers that I get a call from HR!!

Unfortunately I received this call while I was in the ER with Lilly. She woke up for her early morning feeding (6amish) and I brought her into bed with us so I could nurse. I realized that she had stopped nursing so I went to put her back on and I realized immediately that she was in the throes of a seizure. I woke Vinnie and told him to call 911 while I held our baby girl. It was awful. Her lips were turing blue and she was twitching and limp all at the same time. Her eyes were rolling back in her head and had shallow breathing. We checker her temp and it was 101.5. She finally came out of it (but was very out of it) about a minute before the EMTs got to our house. It seemed like she was in it forever, or at least 5 minutes.

Vinnie went with Lilly in the rig while I got dressed and followed. The ER staff was very kind and was convinced that it was just a febrile seizure but wanted us to stay for a bit. She slept and nursed most of the morning. Our pediatrician wanted to rule out an UTI so we then had to wait for her to pee in the little bag they attached. After almost 2 hours of no pee they decided to catheterize and of course she peed. :) Thankfully there was no sign of infection anywhere. The best guess is a viral infection with just fever.

It was truly one of the longest days of our lives.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


On the advice of a few trusted friends I sent another email to New Brunswick regarding the position for which I interviewed. I was cautious about doing so because I did not want to come across as pushy/desperate/pain in the ass. But everyone said one email/phone call a week is acceptable. I finally got a response back today saying that they are still interviewing and that the decision will be made by Friday. I am so glad that I got a response! And I still feel as if I am in the running.

I have been advised to write another letter asking if they are looking for something that I did not present in the interview, since they are atill interviewing. I am not sure how I feel about that. I am kind of thinking that might be too pushy. What to do, what to do??

I submitted an application to be a guide for Technically I do not have the experience in publishing and web publishing that they look for. But, hey, it's worth a shot!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Lucky lady

In the past month I have lost my cell phone, camera and a $50 bill all at different times and in different situations. I was really upset about all 3 but finally gave up and moved on, so to speak. Wednesday I found my cellphone in a bag that I rarely use and that I did not even think was a possibility for the lost phone. This morning I found my camera in my reusable shopping bags that were in my trunk. Note to self: Use those more often! Tonight I was fiddling with something on our island counter and noticed that there was a tiny corner of paper money sticking out from the iPod dock thingy. I assumed it was a single but when I moved it, there lay the $50 bill. That was lost when I was paying the babysitter one day. I actually thought Lilly had taken it out of my wallet and looked everywhere that she could have hidden it. The funny thing is that I looked there, or so I thought, because that is where we always put the babysitting money.

I had told Vinnie that we should play the lottery tonight because it is a big jackpot. I should have taken my own advice!

Maybe my luck will hold out and I will get good job news in the beginning of next week.

New start

As I have written before, my husband has type 2 Diabetes. He was diagnosed about a year ago and it has been a long journey since then. He finally found an endocrinologist that he likes and trusts. Yesterday we went to the doctor's dietician and got some really great information.

As I have also written before, I have been gaining weight and trying to get motivated to get moving and to change my eating habits. I am getting uncomfortable in my own body, which tells me it is the right time. I used to be pretty active. I was even active a few months ago, but I got off track and it has been hard to get back on. The truth is that I have always struggled with my weight and/or body image. I don't understand why I have been gaining weight so quickly recently. I swear there is something else going on (thyroid?) but when they check they say it is normal. So I will try my best and if things still don't change then I will talk to a doctor again.

So here we go...Vinnie and I will be working as a team to support each other and change our lifestyle. Our Lilly baby deserves two healthy, active parents.

It starts NOW!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Puppy Love

Lilly loves her cats and my mom's dogs. Here she was trying to brush Mickey. A few minutes later she took a towel and placed it over him like a blanket. So sweet!

funny baby!

Sometimes Lilly just cracks me up! I mean, I really laugh out loud! She has been trying to dress herself recently, putting anything she finds over her head or on her arms. Today's was the funniest that I have seen so far. Lilly has put her onesie over her head but it got stuck on her ears. It is actually on the right way, though!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fasting time?

What is wrong with me??? I need to stop eating. I have been a sweets/carb addict lately and now I feel so UGH! I may have to do a yeast fast. No white stuff. But I am not sure I can give up fresh fruit right now. It is the only time of year I eat it, basically. But the sugar/white flour may have to go for awhile. I am truly feeling like an addict right now. I know it stems from stress. Does not matter....being stressed does not give me the right to eat whatever/whenever/how much I want!!!

Now if only I could remember that...

the mom dilemma

Before I was a mom I had visions of grandeur involving what my life would be like as a Mom. Life was a rude awakening my friends. I am not a working-for-pay mom yet but I am assuming that these problems that I am having as a Mom would plague every kind of Mom. Here is my dilemma, in a nut shell: How does a person get everything done that is supposed to get done? Here is what I would like to get done on a daily basis: cook, daily cleaning and tidying, work out, a few minutes of alone time OR short nap if necessary, spend time with my husband. On a regular basis: big cleaning like mopping, bathrooms, etc, laundry, school work, job applications. Maybe I would even like to have a phone conversation or two. All this needs to occur with a toddler underfoot. Who takes everything out of her dresser when I am putting clothes away in the next room. Who pulls out her favorite books and walks over to me while I am cleaning and says, "BO-ok" and opens my hand and places the book in said hand.

I feel like I can have a clean house but never exercise again, ever and perhaps never let my daughter be a kid. (read: messy, independent, feeding herself, coloring and painting, etc.) Or I can be resigned to a messier house. Here is the kicker...we only have one child right now. Can you imagine what will happen if/when #2 comes along? Hopefully we will be in a bigger house where there will be a play room and toys will not be as invasive on my daily life. For instance, I could walk across my floor without twisting my anle and stubbing my toe and then setting off toys that make noise that have NO OFF switch. Seriously, who makes a noisy toy without an off switch?

It is at times like this that I remember my original blog title...overwhelmed and loving it. Motherhood is not as overwhelming as it was in those first days, and certainly not in the same ways. But life can still be hectic. It is in the handling of that chaos that our true colors show.

Oh, and I have yet to receive a phone call. Positive feelings are dwindling. :(