Saturday, September 29, 2012

Heading in the right direction...DOWN!

It has been more than a month since my last update on my weight loss journey.  I am still using the Lose It app and website, so that is where my updates occur more frequently.

Since mid-June:
I lost 22.8 pounds.
BMI went down 2.9 points which means I went down a class of obesity.

In my last post about this (see last update, above) I spoke about the stages of obesity.  Sadly, the previous link I had used to show this is no longer working.  Even sadder?  The CDC website has no information about the stages of obesity.  I am glad that I have been demoted, so to speak, to a lower stage.  I still have a long way to go.  My weight loss in September has been slower than I would have liked.  Considering I have gained in September, historically speaking, I am grateful for the losses I have seen.  I lost 3.4 pounds this month.  I could have gained; I could have stayed the same.  I lost!  Even with a plantar fasciitis/heel spur flare-up.  (ouch)  Oh, and I have had some very serious life events happening that also would have sent me to the bakery/fridge/you-name-it in the past.

I am changing my eating patterns.  I am changing how I view food.  I am changing my emotional response patterns.  I am showing myself respect and love by doing so.  See?  It all ties together!

Love Yourself

No, not in that way!  Well, maybe in that way.  ;-)

On a serious note, next week is the Week of Respect in NJ's schools.  We are taking the time to teach intentional, age-appropriate lessons to all students in grades K-12 about respect and preventing harassment and bullying.  We are teaching students to be assertive in appropriate ways.  My school's anti-bullying specialist also happens to be a good friend of mine.  She sent this to some of us today as a reminder that we need to love ourselves.  I loved it so much that I am sharing it here with you.  Really, we all know that we need to love and respect ourselves first  but that does not mean we all do it.

Enjoy!  And do something kind for yourself this weekend.

As we soon begin the WEEK OF RESPECT, here are some ideas to remind us
to love and show respect towards ourselves.....

31 Acts of Kindness for Ourselves

Smile at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful
Bubble bath with candles, music, etc.
Make an appointment for a professional haircut
Lock the bathroom door and take a private bathroom break
Get some real chocolate
Plan a special family activity that you know you’ll all enjoy
Do yoga or meditate
Visit someplace that you enjoy (aquarium, etc.)
Spend some quality time alone – read, drink tea, etc.
Buy yourself a special treat (magazine subscription, new shirt, etc.)
Get a manicure, pedicure, massage, etc.
Make a date with a friend
Rent or attend a movie by yourself
Eat healthier
Find some pictures that make you smile, frame them, and put them up on
the walls
Make a list of things you like about yourself
Start that new hobby you’ve been thinking about
Clean out that area of the house that’s been bothering you – and ask
your family to help
Look at the area of your home or work where you spend the most time.
Do something to that area to make you smile (clean, add a picture,
rearrange, etc.)
Start a journal
Finish a project you’ve been putting off
Sign up for a class that interests you
Pay someone to do a task you usually do (file taxes, clean the house, etc.)
Organize an area of life to make your days simpler (your calendar,
homeschooling room, bills, etc.)
Make your favorite meal with your child or partner
Connect with an old friend
Forgive yourself
Tour or visit a site that you’ve been curious about
Try a new food
Make something for yourself
Take time to get extra cuddles and kisses

Sunday, September 23, 2012

1st Day of the Last Year of Preschool

This is a belated post but I just uploaded my pictures.  I hate misplacing my camera wire!

Honestly, I know that every parent says this, but how on EARTH did my baby get to already be in her last year of preschool????  If I think about how fast it is going I might just throw up.  No...really.  I have loved every age so far, but I keenly feel the loss of each previous stage as well.  I remember sobbing as I had to put away the first clothes she grew out of those first couple months.  And now my baby girl wears a size 6!  Due to my background, I am acutely aware of what it means when your child is not moving forward in his or her development.  I appreciate every thing, even the chattiness and precociousness of my Lilly.  I know that she is a very special little girl, in more ways than one.  I am blessed and honored to be given the gift of raising her.  Have a great year in preschool Lilly Bernadette!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

I apologize friends, for not posting recently.  Life has been a bit hectic, what with the beginning of school and some other life-happenings.  I miss writing, however, so I am going to try to be a bit more organized so that I can blog more often.  I follow a lot of blogs and I have continued to read them daily.

Imagine my very pleasant surprise when my friend from middle school, Jen mentioned me in her blog.  Jen writes a blog about her beading and art, life in the Adirondacks, and raising her gorgeous little boy.  I love reading it and adore her jewelry!  She was nominated by one of her bead artist peers for the One Lovely Blog Award.  She had to do a few things in return, including nominate other bloggers she admires.  I am not a bead blog, but she gave me a nomination anyway!  Thanks Jen!  This is what she said:

12. The Mommy Chronicles. Now, I know that this last one isn't a beading blog, but it's a blog by a friend of mine that I've known since middle school, and I love it. Melanie is a thoughtful parent trying to raise a thoughtful little girl. And that's it! Melanie lives her life with compassion, and I greatly admire her for this. It's a good blog.

This thrilled me because this is one of the ultimate goals in my life: to live my life with compassion and to teach my daughter to do the same.  Again, I am honored and humbled that my blog is even being read by others.

There are some rules behind this award.  In return for the award, I am asked to do the following:
1. Thank the nominator and link back to them in the post.
2. Share 7 random facts about myself.
3. Nominate 15 (or so) bloggers that I admire.
4. Contact them to let them know that they've been nominated.

Here we go!

7 Random Facts

1. I was 5'10" in 6th grade.  This was not a fun thing.  I was teased and bullied mercilessly.  My self-esteem is still recovering and I work very hard at it.

2. I was a philosophy major in college, with an interest in epistemology, the study of knowledge.  hmmm...  Is it really that surprising that I eventually became a teacher?

3.  I love to bake and cook.  Most people know this, but it really became an integral part of my life this past summer when I worked at a summer camp teaching cooking to the children.

4. I have a pit bull we adopted from our local no-kill shelter.  Her name is Blue and she is the newest love of my life.

5. I am good at home repairs.  My husband probably doesn't like to admit it, but I am really good at (not to mention enjoy) home repairs.  Replacing chains in the toilet, building IKEA book shelves, you name it.

6.  There is an artist inside me itching to get out.  I have dabbled in many forms of art, including water color.  Mostly I like crafty arts like quilting and cross stitch.

7.  I abhor mushrooms.  Seriously, I passionately hate mushrooms.  And DO NOT try to sneak one in.  I'll know.

My Nominees
1. Lisa Loves Life Lessons  I was in college with Lisa (taking philosophy classes together!) many moons ago.  Her blog is genuine and inspiring and she blogs daily.

2. Joy Yagid Photography  Joy photographed my wedding and has also done portraits of my daughter.  She has been participating in the 366 Days of Pix and I look forward to her pictures every evening.

3. Movin' Right Along  sigh...What do you say about a blog written by a mom of 2 daughters fighting cancer?  It is honest and funny and makes me cry.  Sometimes out loud.  Oh, and her mom taught me to quilt.  Happy coincidences abound.

4.  Baker's B.Y.O.D. --Bring your Device, Dog and Deconstruction of Literature  Kate is a high school teacher and a fellow MSU alum.  We were in the Honors program together, which will not surprise you when you read her blog.  She is full of great ideas that make me wish I worked in her district.  It is very education-specific, but I wanted to show her some blog love.

5. Momastery Glennon is an amazing blogger who really is not a small fish in the blogging pond anymore.  She is the real deal but I had to nominate her anyway.  Her blog is real and raw and lovely.  She does not hide.  She helps others.  I wish she was a friend who lived down the street, so that I could have a cup of coffee with her.

I only have 5 nominees for now.  I may have more later, but it is encroaching upon the midnight hour.  I have been averaging 5 1/2 hours of sleep a night.  I need more.

Thank you to whomever created this award.  It has made me really think and consider why I read other blogs and what they bring to my life.  They all bring something different and I appreciate all of it.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I will never forget.

I wrote this last year, on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Today, I did not watch tv, did not listen to the reading of the names.  I went to work.  I wish that I was able to take the time to reflect like I have been able to in years past.  I think it is time for 9/11 to be a day off so that we have that time for reflection.  I remember only a few years ago that I was still crying non-stop on this terrible anniversary.

I was feeling disappointed in myself for not making the time to go see the towers of light or visit a memorial.  I was thinking this as I sat waiting in Lilly's dance class.  I realized in that moment, watching Lilly "learn her 3s" that I was honoring those who are no longer here to do this with their little ones, or who maybe were never able to be a parent because they were taken too soon.   In the days following 9/11, I attended several benefits sponsored by Irish American Societies, e.g. The Emerald Society.  I saw lots of Irish step dancing, heard many bagpipes.  It seemed fitting that Lilly started Irish step dance class today.

So today I worked; I brought Lilly to her 1st Irish step dance class.  I hugged my family.  Please hug yours.