Friday, August 14, 2009

Lucky lady

In the past month I have lost my cell phone, camera and a $50 bill all at different times and in different situations. I was really upset about all 3 but finally gave up and moved on, so to speak. Wednesday I found my cellphone in a bag that I rarely use and that I did not even think was a possibility for the lost phone. This morning I found my camera in my reusable shopping bags that were in my trunk. Note to self: Use those more often! Tonight I was fiddling with something on our island counter and noticed that there was a tiny corner of paper money sticking out from the iPod dock thingy. I assumed it was a single but when I moved it, there lay the $50 bill. That was lost when I was paying the babysitter one day. I actually thought Lilly had taken it out of my wallet and looked everywhere that she could have hidden it. The funny thing is that I looked there, or so I thought, because that is where we always put the babysitting money.

I had told Vinnie that we should play the lottery tonight because it is a big jackpot. I should have taken my own advice!

Maybe my luck will hold out and I will get good job news in the beginning of next week.
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