Monday, August 24, 2009

Big Day

There were 2 big things that happened today. I will start with the good news. I received a phone call today from New Brunswick letting me know that they were recommending me for a position. It was not the position for which I had interviewed, but still a great one. It may even be a better fit for me. I would be a member of the PIRT = preschool intervention & referral team. The members of the team help support the teachers in a variety of ways. The team is made up of 2 social workers, a LDTC and 2 part-time speech therapists. The position is for someone who will be out on leave for the entire school year. I am not worried about that right now. I know a lot of people who got their starts in districts that way. The catch is that HR has to offer the position. So it is not officially mine until I get that call from HR, which could be a few days from now. I had a really great conversation with the director of early childhood and she was excited for me to bring my perspective of INCLUSION to the PIRT. Cross your collective fingers that I get a call from HR!!

Unfortunately I received this call while I was in the ER with Lilly. She woke up for her early morning feeding (6amish) and I brought her into bed with us so I could nurse. I realized that she had stopped nursing so I went to put her back on and I realized immediately that she was in the throes of a seizure. I woke Vinnie and told him to call 911 while I held our baby girl. It was awful. Her lips were turing blue and she was twitching and limp all at the same time. Her eyes were rolling back in her head and had shallow breathing. We checker her temp and it was 101.5. She finally came out of it (but was very out of it) about a minute before the EMTs got to our house. It seemed like she was in it forever, or at least 5 minutes.

Vinnie went with Lilly in the rig while I got dressed and followed. The ER staff was very kind and was convinced that it was just a febrile seizure but wanted us to stay for a bit. She slept and nursed most of the morning. Our pediatrician wanted to rule out an UTI so we then had to wait for her to pee in the little bag they attached. After almost 2 hours of no pee they decided to catheterize and of course she peed. :) Thankfully there was no sign of infection anywhere. The best guess is a viral infection with just fever.

It was truly one of the longest days of our lives.
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