Wednesday, August 26, 2009

coupons & more

I had gotten off the coupon track for a while but have been gradually getting back into it. It is so easy to get behind because some of the coupons expire so quickly. We kept forgetting to buy the Sunday paper so we were not even collecting new ones, let alone weeding out the old ones. Anyway, I finally reorganized my coupon envelope thingy last night. And wouldn't you know I opened my email inbox to find a P&G reminder for this coming Sunday. P&G (Proctor & Gamble) has great coupons, but they do expire sooner than most. So this Sunday, August 30th get your paper for the P&G insert. Also, head on over to P& for free samples & online coupons. I just signed up to get a bunch of free samples in the mail. I think that is a great way to try a new product without making the money commitment. A warning about online coupons that you print at home: Not all stores accept them, so you may want to check with your usual grocery store 1st. ETA: P&G online coupons work differently form most. You add your store savings card# and it loads the coupons onto it. Unfortunately there are no participating retailers in my area. I hope there are in yours because it seems pretty cool!

I just signed up for red plum coupons, too. Check them out!

Happy couponing!
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