Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day

Today, and every day I am grateful for the servicemen and servicewomen of our military.

I clearly remember the first bombing of the WTC in 1993 and how scared I was.  I was an 18 year-old freshman in college and I recall the fear that was coursing through my mind.  Never before in my lifetime had something like that happened.  I began to think about how people in other countries live in the midst of violence like that every day.  Even in my imaginings I never dreamed that we would be where we are today, still at war with Afghanistan.

My husband was in the Navy from 1995-2004.  He served all over the world, including 4 years in Japan and in 2 wars, if I remember correctly.  I did not know Vinnie before he entered the military as an 18-year-old young man, so I can only imagine how his years of service changed him.

I was writing this post in bits and pieces all day so I feel it it's a little disjointed.  I will try to edit and reorganize when I have a chance.  I just wanted to get this published on Veteran's Day.  Tomorrow is my "little" brother's wedding so it won't be then!
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