Sunday, July 1, 2012

Week 1 of Summer Camp? Rocked it!

Normally I am not an I rock kind of person, but some moments just scream out for it.  I was so anxious leading up to my first week as the cooking counselor at summer camp.  I had not worked in a summer camp in years, and never in one like this.  This camp has an amazing reputation and I wanted to live up to it.  Finally, I had never taught anything like this before.  It was all new and I was anxious.

The first day went well with only some minor hiccups.  I figured out how to get everything washed in between groups.  I learned to ask the counselors what time they had to be out of there for the next activity.  Canoeing and swimming require more time in between than lanyards or arts & crafts.

I learned to direct the counselors in how exactly I need them to help their campers (and me) in order to be most efficient and not have campers sitting with nothing to do.  I also figured out that I had to make some latkes ahead of time so that the campers did not have to wait for me to fry them!

Probably the most important thing I learned was that I could do this.  I think the campers had a great time.  I could tell that they were engaged and interested in what we were doing and what I was saying.  A lot of the campers were asking for the recipe!  They were asking what we were making next.  I enjoyed meeting a lot of campers and counselors.  The only downside is that, while I am meeting a lot of people, I am not really able to spend time getting to know particular people.  Maybe that will change as I learn more about how to get everything done and also as the weeks pass.

Lilly loved her first week as a camper!  I love catching glimpses of her running with the other campers on her way to an activity.  She looks especially cute when she is running with her suit on, towel flapping behind her!  She has great counselors and I am thrilled that she is learning how to blow bubbles in the water!  I just know she is going to be a great swimmer!

I just had to edit this to add something that occurred to me as I was rereading it.  I could not have rocked it (lol) without the help of the other counselors who come in with the groups and the camp directors and other staff.  My supervisor has been really supportive and checking in all day long.  I meant to write that before but my grumbly belly distracted me from finishing all my thoughts.
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