Saturday, September 12, 2009


Why are weekends fraught with tension, misunderstandings and miscommunications? I think in my household it has to do with expectations and the failure to meet them. Sometimes I don't live up to my own expectations: I am going to work out Saturday & Sunday, I am going to clean the entire house, I am going to get all my homework done. Sometimes my DH does not live up to mine: Generally help with the above. :) A bit of time to myself each weekend. Sometimes I don't live up to my DH's: I don't always let him sleep in, take naps or watch TV when the baby is not napping. I expect help so that my expectations get met.

Probably it is a combination of both. It just seems like we cannot get through a weekend without some kind of tense interaction.

Do other couple encounter this? How do you handle it or overcome it? If you used to feel this way and no longer do, what has changed?
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