Tuesday, September 15, 2009

To the woman who almost backed into me in the Whole Foods parking lot:

Just because you chose to zoom out of your spot while I was carefully and slowly backing out does not necessarily give you the right of way. I looked behind me and no cars even had the reverse lights on. I was slowly backing out because, duh, we were in a parking lot and there might have been, gasp, pedestrians. All of a sudden I see you zooming out of your spot, almost hitting me as I was half way out of mine. I stopped but did not beep because I thought it may have been an honest mistake and I saw that you stopped. But then the fact that you continues to beep long and hard at me and did not move and stared at me through the window, well, you need help lady. YOU were in the wrong. I was not. Even if we had both started to back out at the same time, that could have been an honest mistake. If you were going slowly, we would not have almost hit each other. And the staring game, seriously, I don't have time for that crap so stare at someone else. Thank goodness that, even though I was just driving to the end of the same parking lot to go to Target I had still buckled my baby into her seat. At first I was just unnerved by the encounter but now I am angry. Accidents happen for sure, but slow the heck down already.

Rant over!
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