Sunday, June 13, 2010

....and I got the job!

Thanks to everyone for the prayers/positive vibes/encouraging thoughts/etc.  They worked I got the job in Hoboken.  I am really, really excited about this!  If you are my facebook friend you already know about it. Basically I will be a support for teachers in the preschool classrooms.  The great thing is that I will be working through the Board of Education so I get to transfer my pension and I get all the BOE perks (namely, health insurance).  It will be a new position for me, but not a 360 from what I have been doing this past year.  I love Hoboken and the people who live and work there.  The commute sucks.  A lot.  But it is less miles to Hoboken than to new Brunswick.  For those not familiar with NJ, I will be driving with the traffic going to NYC.  Hoboken is the last exit before the Lincoln and Holland tunnels to NYC.  So you can imagine at 8am it is a bit of a mess.  But I did it for 5 years and I was way less organized then.  Funny how kids force you to get organized, huh!

It is 11pm on Sunday night and I want to get a little reading in before I turn off the lights so this is good night.  I started this series last week and am on the latest book.  Of course when I am done I will need to wait until the author publishes a new one.  I hope everyone has a great week!  Oh, and if you are not a follower but read my blog please consider following it!  Thanks  :)
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