Tuesday, June 29, 2010

T-Day...warning...long post!

Sorry this took so long to put up.  I wrote it in stages.

So today (6/25) was testing day for Lilly.  Last night when I was speaking to the doctors it became apparent that she might not have the testing because of the cold/ear infection she has.  She has been on antibiotics since Tuesday so I was hopeful that it had cleared up enough for today.  They said I should plan as if we were going forward and they would check her in the morning.

Last night was difficult because she could not eat or drink anything but water or apple juice and then nothing after 6am.  I generally don't nurse her too much at night anymore.  She usually sleeps until 6ish so I nurse her then.  Of course last night she was screaming for about an hour to nurse starting at 4:00am.  She finally fell back asleep and I got to sleep for about an hour.

The one nice thing about driving to the hospital at 6am is that while driving through the reservation I saw a great blue heron.  I have always been fascinated by them and so seeing him (or her) gave me a sense of calm.

At the hospital Lilly was the belle of the waiting room.  She was talking to everyone, reading her books to me and dressing and undressing her baby too many times to count.  She went right in and even plopped on the bed on her belly to watch the nurse write down my answers to the questions.  She put the hospital-issued socks on her hands and made puppets and waved hi to everyone who walked by.  Of course as she saw the beverage cart roll by she started asking for applesauce and juice and pancakes and...you get the picture.

The anesthilogist was really great and determined that she was okay to be sedated.  At this point I was relieved because I did not want to have to do this all over again next week.  When the nurse was asking me if she went on the potty because they needed a urine sample Lilly said that she wanted to go on the potty.  Sure enough she went right on the little urine catcher they put on the toilet for her.  I was afraid she would not have enough urine because she had not had a drink since 8pm the previous night.

When it came time, I carried Lilly to the MRI room.  That was where it turned terrible as I had to hold her hands down while they put the mask over her face and she was sedated.  Then I had to go out and wait.  The MRI was completed in less than the allotted 45 minutes.  I then followed behind her as she was wheeled to the EEG room.  That took longer than I had expected but everything went well.  The nurse came to get me and she said that Lilly was asking for Mommy.  When I walked into the room she tried to get up but fell right back down.  She started laughing at herself and she was so loopy.  She could not even hold her head up for several minutes.  We walked back to recovery and after a few minutes Lilly was able to eat some crackers and drink apple juice.  She was desperately trying to befriend the baby in the crib next to us.  He was not as interested, poor bunny.

It takes about 24 hours for the sedation stuff to be out of her system so we had about a day of clumsiness and crankiness.  All in all she did really well, though.  She did not vomit or anything.  She did start to run a lowgrade (99.5) fever so we started the Motrin routine.  We have an appointment to see the neurologist in mid-July to get the results.  Meanwhile, if something big came up they would call us ASAP.  I am assuming that for now, no news is good news.  

So if you made it to the end, thank you for reading.  I wanted to give everyone as much information as I could but it was also good for me, mentally, to get this out of my head and onto "paper."
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