Monday, April 23, 2012

Fresh Direct House Party

 I was lucky to be chosen as a House Party host for Fresh Direct.  I was really excited to do this for a number of reasons.  I love to cook for my family and friends and I like to explore ways to make my life easier.

I was given a set amount of money I could spend online at Fresh Direct, plus favors for the guests: recipes, reusable shopping bags and note pads, a coupon for Fresh Direct.  My original plan was to have a party at my house this past Saturday.  When I realized that the only people who could attend on this weekend were my co-worker friends, I decided to bring the party to them!

I ordered my groceries Friday evening from the comfort of my couch and they arrived promptly Sunday morning within my selected delivery time.  I was able to get a LOT of groceries for the amount of money spent.  The produce was super fresh and the meats looked great!  For ground beef lovers, they carry Pat La Frieda meats.  Vin said the hamburgers I made Sunday night were the best ever, and he is a better judge than I!

3 of the 4 boxes
Beautiful produce

 Sunday afternoon I prepped a few things, made a couple others and baked yummy Butterscotch Bonanza Bars.  I packed everything in the boxes that my groceries came in and Vin carried them to the car for me Monday morning.  I had kindergarten lunch duty today so afterward I went back to my office and set up.  It was easy enough since I had prepped yesterday.  My friends came in and I explained what House Party was and how EASY Fresh Direct was.  We then all made our own sandwiches so they got exactly what they wanted while I was on panini duty.  Unfortunately my griddler stopped working in the first outlet and I ended up having to move it.  That is to be expected in our building, but I feel like I owe the first few people new paninis so they can see what they are really supposed to taste like!

My friends at work come from all backgrounds and some of us are moms and some are not.  The one thing we all are is busy, especially at this time of the year.  I think we all appreciate the ease of shopping at home and having it delivered to you.  An added bonus?  Fresh Direct has a plethora of healthy choices available, even in the prepared foods section.

I really hope that everyone enjoyed their lunch and had fun!  I know I did!

Lunch Meeting Menu
Stacy's pita chips with Fresh Direct Cucumber yogurt dip

Fresh Direct Chicken salad with artichokes and feta
with romaine lettuce, red onion and cucumber yogurt dip on whole wheat pitas

Paninis made with Fresh Direct grilled artichokes, tomatoes, and peppers with shaved parmesan reggiano cheese

Green Goddess Rice

Butterscotch Bonanza Bars (originally from a book I read)

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