Wednesday, November 7, 2012

RIP Mr. Hobbes March 2000-November 2012

We had to put my poor kitty, Mr. Hobbes, to sleep today.  It was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make as an adult.  He was a very sick kitty, most likely lymphoma.  Neurologically, he was not right.  He had been having some behavior changes over the past month or so, but I attributed them to the dog.  Hobbes was the alpha animal in my furry household of 3, including Blue, our american staffordshire terrier.  I thought that maybe Hobbes and Blue had gotten into a tiff when we were out one day and that was why Hobbes was hanging out in the basement.  Maybe his head honcho status was changing.  His litter box is there, along with food and water, so it is comfy down there.  He still came up when I called him and he was eating and drinking.  It's hard to gauge just how much an animal is eating and drinking when you have three of them, and any water bowl is fair game for any animal.

Right before the Hurricane was due to arrive he was not coming upstairs as much.  He ate and drank in front of me and the litter box had normal "stuff" so I figured he was sensing the storm arriving.  We went to my in-laws for a few days when we had no power.  When we came back Sunday, the changes in Mr. Hobbes were very apparent.  He was declining before my very eyes.  It was almost like he waited for us to come home.  He got himself onto the couch and did not move all night long.  I took him in 1st thing Monday morning.  We did blood tests which showed elevated levels that generally mean lymphoma.  To get a definitive diagnosis would have been a lot more money.  And truthfully, he was so far gone that any treatment would not give him, or us, much more.  He perked up when we went in to say good bye last night, so the vet said we could try mega doses of steroids.  He seemed to be responding to them but through today he declined even more than the day before.  His breathing was getting shallow.  

Vinnie went to sign the paperwork and then to be with him when he was euthanized.  I really wanted to be there for my baby boy, but I was beside myself.  I did not want to upset him, either, by my anxiety.  He has always been sensitive to my emotions.  He and Calvin were just like that with me...always in tune to me, sleeping next to me and comforting me during every major break-up or life event in my adult life.  So Vinnie went, so that he was not alone.  It was a kindness to him and to me, to know that my husband was there with him.  Hobbes responded a bit to him when he was speaking to him, but he was not the same kitty.  He died peacefully.  I wish I felt the same.  Lilly is just undone.  She was sobbing out loud tonight.  And then she stops and asks for a kitten in the next be 4 again.  His brother (they were litter mates) seems a little lost right now.  He slept with me last night.  I have not allowed that in about 8 years.  I felt like he needed it last night, and he curled right up with me.  Maybe he will start sleeping with Blue.

Mr. Hobbes's vet, Dr. Knight of South Orange Animal Hospital, was kind and compassionate.  She told us that we were making the right decision and that she would have done the same.  I thank her from the bottom of my heart.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from over the years.  Their kitten pictures are not digital, yet, so they are not on here.
They almost always slept together like this.

Or like this, hugging...

He was not sure what to make of this kicking, squealing baby.

But they became fast friends.

He would stay by her side.

He let Lilly feed him.  

He let her cover him, and give him check-ups.

He wore royal necklaces and pretended to be Princess Hobbes. 

He kept my books and paperwork warm.

Mr. Hobbes, a piece of me is missing tonight.  Your paw print is forever in my heart, and of all those who knew you.

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