Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lazy Sundays?

Now that I am working Sundays have generally become my biggest day of work, as opposed to the traditional day of rest.

Here is what I have done and need to do today: Went to 1/2 Mass (because Lilly could only make it through half); came home and made breakfast for Vin, Lilly and myself; washed the dishes and pots from last night and emptied/refilled the dishwasher; put Lilly in for nap; worked out at the gym (cardio & stretching); as I came home Lilly was waking up so I heated up lunch for all of us; gathered laundry and started it; now I am blogging :); need to do about 3-4 more loads of laundry and put it away; go grocery shopping; cook dinner; get Lilly's stuff ready for daycare and my stuff ready for work; make lunches; bathe Lilly and get her to bed.

Generally I like lists. I like to write them, look at them, cross things off of get the idea. Sundays list is so daunting that I just try to get through it by routine. Because that is the kicker of it all...this is not an extraordinary Sunday. This is a regular, every Sunday thing. Granted Vin helps out. But I still feel like mostly everything falls upon my shoulders. I guess it is a good thing I have such broad shoulders.
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