Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mickey :(

Mickey is one of my mom's dogs. He is the best. He was a rescue, naturally. A big Australian Shepard with an even bigger heart. Well, Mick has cancer and my parents will be putting him down when we have all said our good-byes. Vin, Lilly and I will go over today.

So here is a little bit about Mickey, or Mickalla as I often called him...

He has an insatiable appetite. Literally...he was terrible! Some things he has eaten over the years: a huge tub of I can't believe it's not butter, a jar of Tiger Balm, uncounted numbers of make-up...he was especially fond of foundation and lipstick, bags of chocolate....He loves the finer chocolate, whole steaks off the grill or counter, and the list could go on. It is not really his fault. He was a starving pup when my mom took him in. A wild thing! He would jump (all 4 feet) up on the kitchen table and start helping himself. My mom quickly trained him not to do that!!

He is my mom's shadow. He would follow her to the ends of the earth. When my mom has gone away he would sit and stare at the door. One time I was there and had to move her car. The poor thing was so excited when I came in because he thought she was home.

When I was newly pregnant with Lilly he would come sit by me and put his head near my belly. After Lilly was born and I was staying at my mom's he would come get someone when the baby would cry. He would have a very concerned look on his face as if he was saying, someone take care of that baby! Now he is Lilly's best bud. She calls all dogs "Mick". My mom's other dog, Finnegan, cannot be trusted around children so he is always in another room or outside when we are there. Mick has shown Lilly true doggy love. He lets her hug him and brush his hair.

Mickey will leave a big hole in all our hearts when he is no longer physically with us, but his spirit will be with us forever.

Have fun up there with Shannon, O'Hara and Puss, Mickey. Give them all a lick and a nudge from me.
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