Monday, January 18, 2010

Martin Luther King, jr. Day 2010

I am home today from work, in observance of Martin Luther King, jr. day. In years past I was reflecting on the life of MLK for the week or so leading up to the holiday because I was planning and executing lesson plans about him. This year I did not really reflect on it until today. My first reflection was on our world. I believe that MLK's vision will not be complete until equal rights are given to everybody. That includes those with disabilities and homosexuals. Specifically I am thinking about same-sex marriage, a hot button topic these days. Disability rights is often considered the last frontier in equal rights.

More importantly I have been self-reflecting. Where is the peace within myself? How are my daily interactions with my spouse, daughter, friends and family members? What do I do to make sure that I can be at peace? Is there anything I do or that happens on a regular basis that makes me feel not at peace? How can I change my circumstances so that I do not put myself into situations like that?

How could the world change if more people self-reflected on their own inner peace?
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