Tuesday, October 26, 2010


It appears that people do read my blog.  They are just not official followers and don't make comments on the fun stuff.  Actually, they don't make comments at all.  I get notified in other ways.  You know what?  It is fine.  But I feel the need to make this clear:  my blog is my feelings, thoughts, musings, etc. about my life.  My husband and daughter get mentioned quite a bit.  Other friends and family may get mentioned tangentially or in passing.  I try to avoid passing judgement or writing about controversial family issues.  Believe me, there have been a few posts that I have written and re-written before finally deleting because I did not feel right about them.

I cleared up the issue already but I am a bit nervous that someone else has read something and is now upset with me about what I wrote.  If you are, well, you probably don't want to hear my first reaction.  But seriously, have enough faith in me to know that if I have something specific to say to you, I will.  And remember that this blog is how I am tracking my personal journey through life; the good, the bad and the ugly.  And sometimes the really painful.  Thanks for listening.  xo
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