Monday, October 25, 2010

new stroller?

Just this weekend my husband and I were saying that we needed to get a new stroller.  We have used our Chicco Cortina so much that it just is wearing out.  Plus it is so huge that it takes up the entire trunk.  We have a small umbrella stroller but I don't find it easy to use.  And Vinnie finds it even harder to use because the handles are too short.  I know Lilly is already 2, but we still need a reliable stroller.  We started doing some research but have not decided on one yet.

Today I received a message from the Mom Bloggers Club about a giveaway from Mamas & Papas lightweight strollers from Britain.  They are doing a giveaway for 5 people to introduce their strollers to the U.S.  I would just LOVE to win one of these.  The weight range is birth - 50 lbs, as compared to some of the others that have 40 lb limits.  Since Lilly is 37 lbs, 50 is better for us!  Additionally, one of the accessories is a toddler strap so that if/when #2 comes along Lilly can hold on.

So cross your fingers for me!!
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