Friday, February 17, 2012

So much for blogging every day...

This month there was some kind of campaign to encourage bloggers to blog every day.  So far I have not written one blog since the end of January.  Brilliant.  It may or may not be directly related to my new addiction to Pinterest.

Tuesday was Valentine's Day.  I don't necessarily buy into the whole chocolate and flowers hype, but this year was different.  Our anniversary was only a few weeks ago and it happened to be the same day we found out about my father-in-law's brain tumor.*  I was so surprised and felt so loved by all the thought my dear husband put into Valentine's Day this year.  We went though a very difficult period a few months back, which made celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary all that much important to us this year.

He and Lilly drove me to school and then they used the whole day to get treats for me.  They picked me up from school and I came home to chocolates, red roses and a luxurious body wash.  Lilly got flowers, too!  Then for dinner we went to one of our favorite family restaurants and had a heart-shaped pizza.  It was a wonderful day and the feelings of being loved and pampered have lingered longer than just that day.

*As far as my father-in-law goes...He has done amazingly well!  He had the tumor removed on a Wednesday at Overlook Hospital, only 15 minutes from my house, and was home at his house in the Poconos in Pennsylvania on the following Sunday.  He had his staples out a couple weeks later on Valentine's Day and he is continually exceeding the doctors' expectations.  Especially considering he is 77 years old, we are so grateful that he is doing so well.  So many people were praying for us and for him and we thank you all for those prayers!  

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