Sunday, January 29, 2012

Momma Moments


I know we all have them...proud parent moments.  As Lilly matures I am having more and more of these moments.  Today I took some time to take Lilly to the playground to enjoy the sunny winter day.  We were the only people there so I was able to really play with Lilly, instead of stand back and supervise her play with other children.  

Lilly has a cautiousness to her that reminds me much of myself.  In some ways I am grateful for that because I don't really worry that she is going to throw herself off the top of the jungle gym for fun.  But, I never want fear to interfere with something she wants to do.  

At our local playground there are a few things that she has really wanted to do this past autumn, but she was just a tad too short to do so without me partially holding her.  Add her fear to it, and it was something I had to tell her she had to wait until she was taller to do.  One was the fireman's pole, which she did a few times with my spotting today.  The other was something similar, with a pole that she had to reach out to and then put her feet on, but she could climb down.  I guided her twice, both verbally and placing her feet where they needed to go at times.  From there...she was scrambling up the chain web and climbing down this other thing and then back again.  
Look at her go!

Also, there is a tunnel slide of which she has been very fearful, and she was able to go down it several times today.
Peeking over...

And down she goes!
In that moment when she independently climbed down that equipment I was filled with amazement that I get to be the mother of this incredible little girl.  

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