Sunday, March 18, 2012

March madness! or I adopted a Pit Bull

I seem to get on a blogging roll and then blam!  An entire month goes by until I write again.

So we have had some big news this past month.  We adopted a dog from the local animal shelter.  She is a beautiful and sweet adult dog whose family lost their home.  She was completely depressed at the shelter but she is really coming along with us.  Her tail is wagging and she is even starting to smile sometimes.  She is particularly attached to my husband.

But there is one thing.  A fairly big thing.  We cannot leave her alone in the house.  She has broken down two crates, even when reinforced.  She then proceeded to eat a door.  Twice.  We tried leaving her in the house uncrated and she did her business inside.  Every single time she was obviously upset/ashamed/etc at what she had done.  It turns out she she extreme separation anxiety.  The shelter is having the trainer come to see us this week because our other choice was to return her.  We really do not want to do that, but obviously we have to be able to leave our house! It is lucky for her that my husband has been home.  Here she is on her first day with us.  Isn't she sweet?

I will try to be better about blogging going forward.  Again. :0)
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