Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My tooth

So the day after my wedding my crown fell out.  That is what I get for eating cold swedish fish.  Since I was pregnant at the time, my dentist glued it back in, but did not want to do any work on it.  Fast forward a few months and I decided to have my uncle, a dentist, do this crown.  Mainly because he did it the first time.  But also, my insurance is changing to my husband's, and I will not be able to use my beloved dentist.  Not that I don't love my uncle, but he lives in DE, a solid 2 hours away.  I procrastinated all summer, mostly because the thought of a 2 hour trip with my newborn was a bit overwhelming.  

Monday afternoon, I was really close to the breaking point.  Lilly was crying all day, unless she was being held, and sometimes even then.  She is teething hard and we had been on the go all weekend.  It was too hard to make a meal for myself, so I was snacking...cheez its, carrots and dip, etc.  And, you guessed it, my crown came out.  It was the figurative straw.  I promptly called my uncle's office and luckily his wife, Aunt Pam, answered the phone.  I broke down crying.  I did not even know I wanted to cry, but there I was crying over my broken crown.  Thank God it was Pam who answered!  

So today Lilly, my mom and I are making the trip to Delaware.  I hope that it goes smoothly.  I am glad my mom can make it.  She will watch Lil while I am in the dentist chair.  Lilly woke up much earlier than normal and I am a little tired.  I may need regular, not decaf today! 
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