Thursday, July 8, 2010

Potty Training

Oh lordy....we are in full potty training mode at the Cappiello house.  The funny thing is that Lilly has been  going on the potty since she was about 19-20 months.  It was not all the time, but there was some consistency, i.e. before and after bath.  She would even tell me sometimes and I would race her to the bathroom and she would go.  She stopped a lot of that after some of her seizures in recent months.  I think going on the potty took a back seat, which was fine.  Still, when she poops she tells me and she wants to get changed immediately.  Randomly in the past few weeks she would tell me that she had to go potty, even in places like the grocery store.  Sure enough she would go when I would put her on.  And frankly, I wanted to train her during the early part of the summer so that she has a chance to become very successful before she gets to school (daycare) in the fall.

So I have been staying at home with her so that we do not chance a pee pee accident in the car.  It has actually worked out rather well because we are in the middle of a pretty crazy heat wave her in the Northeast.  It hit 104 or so the other day!  Lilly is doing well.  Today is day 3. She will pee a tiny bit and then tell me she has to go potty and we run to the potty and she goes.  So she is catching herself before it starts running down her leg.  That is better than she did the first day so we have made real progress in 2 days.  Of course she has waited for nap time when she wears a diaper to poop.  I have a feeling that we might encounter some resistance with that portion.

In other news...I think that we are both adjusting to being home together.  In the beginning of the summer vacay she wanted to nurse all the time, especially when laying down for nap.  She has not nursed for nap time in ages, unless she was ill.  But I guess she was thinking, "You are home, I am home, let's nurse!"  Unfortunately for Lilly I was not on the same wavelength.  It took a few days of crying before she eventually fell asleep but she is doing really well with going right in now.  And when she awakens she plays in her room quietly for a bit.  Lilly has also been waking up later in the morning and staying in her room and playing.  This has been delightful!  The first few days that Vin left for work without taking Lilly to school she cried and cried.  The poor thing had no idea why Daddy was leaving without her.  She is over that by now, too.  We have a follow up doctor's appointment next week with the neurologist so I will give that update then.

Wish me success in potty training and stay cool everyone!
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