Friday, November 12, 2010


I have two friends going through some very challenging situations right now. One had her baby at slightly over 30 weeks and so he is in the NICU right now.  She is already an amazing mom; pumping milk on a schedule to bring him and spending hours with him.

My other friend is expecting her 2nd baby shortly and is in the midst of a terrible divorce.  And she has a 15 month old.  And her family lives a 6 hour drive away.  She has nobody to talk to, really.  I hope that she knows now, after our hour long conversation tonight, that she can unload on me.  I can take it.

Both these friends are what I consider "lifers" in that we have been friends forever and will be for life.  The intensity of our friendships has changed over the years but the love is there, always.  Both live so far away from me and it has left me wondering how I can be a good friend to them.  I am reaching out as much as I can via phone and email.  I pray for them.  I hope it is enough, for now.
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