Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Midnight deadline?

It seems as if every night I am posting at or just after midnight. It feels like I have a midnight deadline or something.   I need to get to bed earlier!  I am a natural night owl, but truth be told, I am exhausted every night by about 10 pm.  I just can't get my head to settle down at the same time my body is ready to.

We had a great day at Lake Tomahawk in North Jersey today with the in-laws.  They have a great spot specifically for little ones, so they can romp and slide without getting knocked over by bigger kiddos.  Here are a few favorites from today...

eta: I was having trouble uploading my pictures again so this was not published until the morning, in case the post and the publish time make no sense.  But what is really annoying is that blogger does not recognize recently uploaded pictures until I have restarted the computer.  

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