Saturday, July 30, 2011

temperature battles

Does every couple in the world fight over the temperature?  The more people I talk to about this, the more people say YES!  I like to be coolish when sleeping, but not cold and not hot.  I hate the feeling of AC on my skin for too long and the heat in the winter makes my throat and sinuses ache.  Hubby likes it very warm in the winter and frigid in the summer.  What the heck?  It doesn't even make sense to me, lol!!  But just as with everything else in married life, we are coming to agreements more often.  Unless I am super freezing, I just wear warmer jammies and sleep with my faux down comforter.  (And yes, we do sleep with different blankets.  It makes life so much easier in that regard.)  In the winter the cost rules in my favor.  :)  Plus I am closest to the window so I can crack it open if I need some cool air.

But here's the thing... my husband will also compromise and turn off the AC even when he would rather have it turned full blast.  He will also move the vents away from our bed so that it is not a direct hit.  Those are the little selfless acts that spouses can do for each other that show love.  Sometimes those little acts can get lost in the shuffle of life.  Tonight as I am writing this I am grateful that my spouse is willing to be uncomfortably warm this evening so that I am not shivering under my comforter and sweatpants.  In fact, I think I will tell him that right now!
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