Friday, March 19, 2010

WW update

This week was kind of one to start weight watchers. But I guess that is good in a way. Vin and I had a lot of things going on which prevented me from getting to the gym at all. Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day which is a major celebration in my house. Soda bread with butter, guiness and cupcakes were consumed. THe good thing is that I did track it all. I had to use my flex points every day this week, but I still have some left for Friday and Saturday. I was really hoping I would not use them all or at least have more left to spend on Saturday. But you know what, I am not going to beat myself up about it. I have definitely cut down on my food intake by a lot. I am hungry a lot, which tells me that I was snacking (on candy) way too much. I am writing every morsel that goes into my mouth down in my log and making myself accountable for the points. I am paying more attention to serving size. Bottom line is that I am more conscious of what food/liquid is going into my mouth.

Saturday is a free night for Vin and I because Lilly is going to her grandma's in PA for an overnight. If I decide to have a drink or two and I am out of flex points, so be it. It is not every week that we get a free Saturday night and I think the 1st few weeks are about figuring out how much I was eating compared to how much I should be eating.

Today I had one of the yummiest lunches ever. I had some Boar's Head turkey at home, but nothing to eat with it so I threw a few slices into a baggie and brought it with me to work. I got the Subway veggie delight with O&V and lots of veggies and added my turkey. It was SO delicious and yummy and really fillling.

Off to sleep. I am hoping Lilly sleeps all night in her bed. Or at least until 6am.
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