Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

I have been raised a Catholic.  I also practice Catholicism, though not as regularly, as say, my Nanny.  I believe in the basic Dogma of the Catholic faith.  There are some things I disagree with, but I don't find that they are central to the beliefs of the Catholic Church.  Some people would disagree and call me a cafeteria Catholic.  Whatever.  :)  

Recently one of my good friends questioned all the secular (my word not hers) celebrations of Easter... chocolate, baskets, etc.  I get that.  I also question any holidays that become over-secularized or Hallmarked.  However, I am still going to enjoy Lilly's 1st Easter.  I plan on putting Cheerios in some eggs and having her "find" them in the backyard.  I am getting her dressed up in a pretty pastel dress for Mass and dinner.  My brothers and I fondly speak of our childhood traditions surrounding Easter.  Those traditions do not in any way take away from the Holiness of the holiday for our family.

I also have been going to Mass most weekdays during Lent.  Lilly now knows when we are getting close to the church as we walk there.  Granted she spends most of the time running around the back while I am chasing her.  But she is hearing the prayers, both the priest's and my responses.  She is seeing me receive Communion.  I think this is so important.  I am not sure I realized how important it was to me until I started going daily.  

There is something really wonderful and centering about starting my day with Mass.  I feel like, even if nothing else goes right or gets done that day, at least we did that.  I hope that I can continue this practice as much as possible in the future.  

I felt a little empty yesterday and today because Mass was not celebrated.  There were other services I could have attended both days.  They are very solemn, though, and not the place for an 11-month-old who likes to hear her voice.  Going to daily Mass has made my Good Friday more meaningful because I can't receive Communion today.  This was a point that was previously lost on me. 

To all those looking for the real meaning of Easter... it is today.  It is not to late to experience what Good Friday and Easter really mean.  There are parishes all over that are hosting live stations of the cross.  It is a meaningful and moving experience that you will not soon forget.  

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