Wednesday, April 8, 2009


My mom always says that giving the baby a bath can change their mood. It is calming and relaxing and changes the pace. My mom is so wise. I gave Lilly her bath and it not only changed her mood, but it changed mine as well. It was nice to just forget about everything else on my endless to-do list and play with Lilly in the tub.  It provided some much needed relaxation for both of us.  I used to take baths almost daily.  That was BB, or Before Baby.  I definitely appreciate how wonderful they are for me.  I am realizing how wonderful they are for both me and Lilly.  When she was still a newborn I would sometimes take a bath with her.  It is hard to believe that she is not a tiny baby laying on my chest but a big 11-month-old who has discovered the joys of the toilet paper roll.  The best part is that she nursed right to sleep after her bath!  Aaahhh!
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