Friday, April 3, 2009

Here we are again...

So I decided to start blogging again.  Not that I have anything deep and important to share but sometimes I think to myself, Oh, I should write that down, and I don't.  Lots of things have happened since I last blogged.  side note: My cat is snoring.  It is really, really annoying.  So, we had all the holidays...Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve, etc.  Vinnie and I celebrated our 1st anniversary...yeah us!  

Lilly has hit so many milestones.  She crawled, cruised and is now walking.  She looks so cute toddling around.  It makes me really sad though, to realize how fast she has grown.  This year has just really flown by.

I finished the Fall semester with 2 As.  I have the same professors this semester, so I kind of feel like I know what to expect.  Unfortunately the one is pretty tough in that her assignments are vague.  I have one paper due for the whole semester and it is due this coming Tuesday.  It is a good thing I have at least one page done already.  :)  

I feel like I am surrounded by pregnant women lately.  I know several women who are due sometime between now and next fall.  It is so exciting!  

Two of my closest friends had their babies in the last week.  Caroline had Bridget Elisabeth and Colleen had Fiona Marie.  I am alrady in love with them and so happy that Lilly will have some girlfriends.  I have known both Caroline and Colleen since we were about 5 years old, so it seems so fitting that we all have girls now.

Okay, hopefully I will keep up with this and make it more than just a once every 6 months thing.

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