Friday, April 10, 2009

exercise is good

I have been feeling positively exhausted for the past several days.  I feel like I got on a roll... school stuff, shopping, cooking, etc.  Then I collapse for 2 days.  Today I finally got off my butt and went for a walk with Lilly in the jogger.  Of course one block into the walk it started drizzling.  I kept with it and walked at a brisk pace for a solid 25 minutes.  It started raining just as we walked up the driveway.  I even did some floor exercises for a bit.  It is challenging trying to use an exercise ball when Lilly is pulling it out from under me!  

I really feel so much better when I get out and do some exercise.  I just wish I could get out there more often.  Then maybe I would lose some of this weight!
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