Monday, April 6, 2009

Onion Goggles...why didn't I think of these?

So for anyone who cries over chopping onions, here is the product for you! Onion goggles are used by such famous chefs as Paula Deen. I can imagine it would take the literal sting out of chopping onions. Now if only they made baby-sized ones for when Lilly is playing at my feet in the kitchen. Then I would not have to banish her to play in her play yard in the other room during onion chopping time!  

Speaking of cooking, I have been on a bit of a roll with cooking lately.  I think that I am going to post some of my recipes in the coming weeks.  The fact that I don't measure may cause a little difficulty, though.  

Okay, back to writing that darn paper.  I am also waiting for shoes to be delivered by UPS.  Anyone who knows me well knows about my difficulty in finding shoes that fit.  Thank goodness for Zappos free shipping and return policy!
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