Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Today was the first day of the school year for the teachers in my school district.  The students begin tomorrow. During orientation, NJ's new anti-bullying laws were touched upon.  We will be getting more in depth training soon, and throughout the year.  As someone who was bullied as an adolescent/teen, I implore you, whether you are parents, teachers, administrators, the lunch lady or a trusted adult friend, to please do not ignore bullying.  It is not a rite of passage.  It may not be something that just passes if the child ignores it.  It has very serious consequences for the child being bullied.

My parents did not ignore the fact that I was bullied.  Administrators and teachers did.  At least from my memories and perspective.  I even wrote a blog post about it.

Do not let it go.  Do not ignore it.
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