Sunday, September 4, 2011

wah! sidelined for a few days

I had posted on facebook earlier that I had tweaked my ankle doing a dance aerobics thing, thank you Billy Blanks jr.  I felt it as soon as I did and tried to stretch it but that did not make it feel better.  The next day I rested it in terms of exercise.  Today I was totally ready to wake up and get on the road for a nice long walk, even if I could not run.  The ankle felt worse, right in the back in the Achilles tendon.  I went to see my mom, who is not a doctor but plays one on tv.  :)  After a lot of massage and stretching it felt a lot better, but her orders were to rest it for several days.  I kind of already knew I should, but I really did not want to believe it.  I have such a hard time getting into an exercise routine that I hate to have to break it.  I guess maybe it is good to have the first week back to work off to get back into that routine.  Part of what makes me so upset is that I was so careful about not doing too much running too fast or too soon.  It was the aerobics on my off day that did me in!

I just really do not want to lose my momentum and motivation.  Help me friends!!  I am starting to feel a little discouraged here.  Thanks!!!!
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