Saturday, September 10, 2011


I think every single parent I know has the same worst nightmare.  I hate to even say it aloud.  Or type it.  You all know what that nightmare is.  Today I was reading one of the blogs that I follow and I found that another mom blogger lost her son in a flash flood this past week.  Her last post is that of her childrens' first day of school.  I read the comments of comfort and prayer for her family and I had just tears streaming down my face.  It is just such an unimaginable sorrow to think that this vibrant little boy is not here anymore.  My heart and prayers go out to this family tonight.

In reading the Washington Post article I was struck by something Anna, Jack's mom, said.  They told him every single day that they were proud to be his parents.

My lesson for today:  Hug Lilly as often as I can.  And tell her every day that I am proud to be her Momma.

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