Thursday, September 15, 2011

crisp, autumn evenings

And just like *that* (with a snap of my fingers) autumn weather has appeared.  Now I know enough about the weather in this area, considering I have lived here all my life, to know that it does not mean it is here to stay.  It is only September, after all.  But oh, how lovely it is!  This morning was muggy and so close, if you know what I mean.  It was like pea soup.  This afternoon some storms rolled in and then mostly out again.  And the cool weather rode on its coattails.  This evening was jeans and sweatshirt weather, but I still wore my flip flops.  It makes me think of apple picking, walks in the South Mountain reservation, pumpkin spice lattes and yummy butternut squash and apple soup.

What fall foods are your favorites?  Recipes welcome!!!  As soon as I can find the soup one I will post it because it is so amazing and perfect for cool evenings!

p.s.  I have some exciting blog news this weekend....keep on the look out!  I will give you a big hint:  I am hosting my first giveaway!!!

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