Friday, August 19, 2011

the good news and the bad news...about my computer

The good news is that my laptop is not completely destroyed, just the hard drive.  And that is where the bad news comes hard drive is no longer.  And unfortunately I had not backed up my pictures and videos and documents onto my external hard drive in months.  Vin is hoping he can rescue them but I am prett sure it is not going to happen.  I am grateful that I have them on facebook, at least, even though there are a lot that are nowhere but my computer.  I had all sorts of movies I had made of Lilly that were only clips that I was trying to piece together.  :(   The bottom line is that Vin will be able to fix it.  For a 5 year old macbook, I will be happy that it will only cost me $60.

So learn your lesson from me: back up your stuff regularly and print out those pictures!!! 
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