Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My hand, revisited

Wow!  I wish I could let you know how wonderful I feel after reading all your comments and messages about your support for me.  It makes me feel even stronger!  

Speaking of feeling stronger, there is one area in which I am still very much left hand.  My recovery from the first carpal tunnel release surgery on my right hand was awesome.  It was relatively fast and easy and, though it still has some weakness and the scar is still a little tight, it is absolutely normal and has been doing better than expected from day 1.  

As easy as the right hand was, the left hand is difficult.  I still have swelling, scar irritation and sensitivity, a lot of weakness and pain.  In short, I still have a lot of work to do.  I really want to be able to clap my hands, hold a pot while I am washing it, pick up stuff heavier than a couple pounds and do yoga.  I did some modified yoga today, just eliminating any pose that involved me putting my hands flat on the ground.  I tried to do plank on my forearms, but my whole elbow and forearm are irritated from doing too much with my hand.  My hand therapist called it Golfer's elbow.  I am really trying not to let it get me down, but it is extraordinarily frustrating to me.  

Lilly asks me every day if my hand is better.  Every day I tell her, almost, and then she kisses it.  That makes it better for sure.
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