Monday, August 8, 2011

To 5K or not to 5K?

I was visiting a friend recently, who had just celebrated her year anniversary of running her first 5K.  (you can correct me if I'm wrong Steph.)  My sister-in-law Gina started running 5Ks recently, as well.  An old high school friend does triathlons!  My world is full of inspiring women who show me just what is possible.

Stephanie had told me that I should do this 5K in the fall that her brother is organizing.  I immediately thought that I could never do that.  Times, they are a-changing.  If you have been reading along, you know that I decided last week, to stop thinking, and just do.

I have been following a plan, mostly based on the couch to 5K program, of walking and running intervals.  I am not overextending, but also not stopping just because I feel like I am not a runner.  I always believed: that running was something you were good at or not; that people who run feel great the whole time; that people who run are thin.  All of those are not true.  Maybe some people are better runners than others.  Maybe some people are actually bad, but I don't know.  I do know that because I am following a plan and only pushing myself a little more each time I go, I am feeling better about it.

Stephanie put the seed in my head that yes, I could run this 5K, even if that means that I walk/run it.  I had basically put that aside though, even as I started running.  And then.  Yes, here it is...a completely different friend sent me a message when she saw my cardiotrainer run time and distance pop up on facebook.  She said that she knew about this 5K, the same one that Stephanie told me about, and wishes that she could do it. (I won't out you unless you out yourself.  xo)  Huh.  Now I want to run this 5K.  Seriously!  Did I ever think in a million years that I would want to even register for such a thing????  

Thank you friends for getting me thinking that, YES I can!

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