Wednesday, August 17, 2011

the Jersey Shore, baby!

No, not that Jersey Shore!  Well,we could see the Seaside boardwalk from where we were. But for all those non-NJ folks, the real Jersey shore is not about fist pumping.  :0)  Vin, Lilly and I packed it up and took a very last minute daytrip to visit my sister-in-law Gina and her boyfriend Anthony at his family's vacation house (for the week) in Lavalette.  Today the beach was beautiful- sunny, slightly breezy, and warm.  The ocean was just cool enough and the waves started off great.  They did get rough in the afternoon and Lilly got a little knocked around, even as I was holding her.  As she was going to sleep tonight she told me she didn't like the water.  I hope that she is not too fearful the next time we go because she was loving it up until those last few waves.  I love the ocean and I want her to love it too!!  I forgot my camera but luckily I did have my cell phone for at least one picture!
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