Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene, the biggest (only?) hurricane to hit our area in years is upon us.  My friends and family living south of me have tornado watches.  The whole hurricane area is in a tornado warning.  Our ground is already saturated with water.  I went outside about 8:30 for a quick moment and I came in with mud-covered toes and flip flops. 

I am not sure what to expect but I am trying to prepare for the worst.  Okay, maybe not the worst, but the medium scenario?  I have not packed clothes and food in a bag.  I did pack a basket with candles, flashlights and batteries and matches in a ziplock baggie.  I did start putting all our daily meds in a backpack.  I have a tub of water and I filled any and all water bottles and sippy cups with tap water and loaded the fridge, as well as bottled water.  I don't want to be completely paranoid, but the storm outside is very real. 

My initial plan was for Lilly to sleep with us because of the old, rotten tree outside her window.  Now it seems that the worst winds won't start until daybreak so I am wondering if I should leave her in her room.  When I was single I do not remember feeling this scared.  Having a child has changed my fear level.
What to do, what to do??  I am sure people who go through this all the time think I am overthinking this or just a plain nut.  For now I am going to say my prayers and drink this glass of wine. 

Be safe friends...
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