Sunday, August 7, 2011

My bedroom, my nemesis

My bedroom...the catchall for, well, everything.  I often start to organize it only to stop and say that I will finish the next day.  But then it doesn't ever get finished and we have another party or whatever and MORE stuff gets put into the room.  I am so tired of the clutter.  It is not restful and my clothes are always wrinkled.

I have employed a different system this time in tackling the clutter.  I have realized that it will take more than one day, especially since I have a 3 year-old "helping" me.  ahem.  I have out away in one bin all clothes that are not the right size right now, but that I will wear again.  If, for whatever reason, they are not clothes I will wear again (trend over, too short, too ugly) I am dividing into Vets bag and possible consignment bag.  I have never sold anything through consignment, but I know lots of people who do.  While you may not be making tons of money, there is potential to get some gas money or maybe a new lipstick.  :)  I need to use my dresser and my closet more efficiently.  That involves actually folding the clothes and putting them in the drawers after they come out of the dryer.  I know, it seems like the normal thing to do and I am probably making people cringe right now.  Unfortunately, I tend to live out of my laundry baskets.  It's not a great way to live.  It is probably the main reason my room gets out of control.  And plus my clothes get wrinkled and I "lose" clothes only to rediscover them at the bottom of the basket.   So the goal is to get all the clothes put away and keep it that way.  And every time I do laundry, the clothes get folded and put in the drawers.  I can do it.

That is the plan, for now.  I just took a little break so that I could sit for a minute.  Back up I go!
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