Thursday, August 25, 2011

losing weight is hard to do

This is from my private journal that I am keeping to keep track of my "get healthy" initiative.  For many reasons I keep it private, but sometimes there are things that I want to share.  So here is the post I wrote yesterday about my frustration in not losing weight. 

day 30
grr...I am so diappointed because when I weighed in I had gained the meager .6 lbs that I lost last week.  I feel like I am exercising like crazy AND my eating has gotten a lot better.  I know that I have not completely changed every eating habit to a healthy one, but my diet is much healthier and I am more aware of what I am putting into my mouth in the past month.  And still, in one month I have only lost about 3 pounds.  I was hoping it was going to be closer to 10!  I am trying to remind myself that I am getting  stronger and my heart is most definitely getting stronger as I exercise almost daily and eat healthier foods. 

I just have to keep on keeping on I guess...
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